Fiber Processing and Services


Products and Services, updated January 2019






Core Spun Rug Yarn








Woven Rugs


2’ x 3’ finished rug             minimum 4 lbs incoming weight


3’ x 5’ finished rug             minimum 9 lbs incoming weight


Please inquire for additional sizes and corresponding details 

Prices per pound are based on incoming weight

Half down of order total is due prior to processing. Remainder due prior to delivery. 

Orders paid by credit card will incur an additional 3% fee.

Finished product not paid for and shipped or picked up within 60 days of being notified of its completion will become property of the mill.

We do not skirt fleeces unless specifically asked to. Any unskirted fleeces will be processed in their entirety at customer’s discretion. If asked to skirt fleeces, a $15 fee per fleece will be charged.

Quality of finished product is directly related to the quality of incoming fiber. The best products are made from fleeces that are free of matter, not extremely dirty, and do not have hairy or short edges included in incoming fleeces.

We reserve the right to reject fleeces that do not meet our minimum specifications.


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